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Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple with Priv...
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Your 3 Stars Travel Tour guide will be waiting you. They will be holding a sign of Ramasside, You do not need to look for them – they will be waiting for you and will find you.Have you ever wondered what life have been thousands years ago? You will know about them through the splendid Sound and Light Show at the Karnak Temples, the greatest example of worship in history and was dedicated to the God Amon, his wife Mut and their son Khonsu.It was constructed from the beginning of the Middle Kingdom to the Greco Roman Kingdom.You will be transferred to see the Karnak Temples where you will attend the spectacular Sound and Light production.This spectacle will take about 75-minute first takes you around the temple grounds, and finally the last act is played while you are seated along the Great Sacred Lake.The performance relates the history of Luxor as the capital of the ancient world.

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